Certified Business Consultant

Start Date:
Mar 19, 2019
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Apr 11, 2019
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Feb 28, 2019
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Badaro, Beirut - Lebanon



Certified Business Consultant Designation in Lebanon

Certified Business Consultant is among the most preeminent professional designation for distinguished consultants who aim at expanding the horizon of their credentials.  The course is certified by The Institute of Certified Business Consultants® – USA & CANADA. 


Ongoing Concepts in collaboration with Mira-Clé and in partnership with The Institute of Certified Business Consultants® – USA & CANADA, is delivering for the first time in Lebanon the Certified Business Consultant designation.

Certified Business Consultant is among the most preeminent professional designation for distinguished consults who aim in expanding the horizon of their credentials.

Certification can lead to better visibility, opportunities, and jobs. In today’s increasingly complex and highly-specialized economy, credentials are so important. Sure, you know how to do the job, but how can you convince potential customers and employers you do?  For many career-minded professionals, certification is often the answer.

Candidates of the Certified Business Consultant must fulfill several requirements. To find out if you are eligible to join our workshop, click Here to submit the Pre-Qualification Request.

Benefits to those seeking Certification

  • Grants recognition of knowledge and skills by a third party
  • Enhances professional reputation Provides personal accomplishment
  • Supports continued professional development
  • Demonstrates a high level of commitment to the field of practice
  • Demonstrates a specific level of knowledge and skill Increases opportunities for career advancement and/or increased earnings
  • Validate skills and knowledge
  • Presents credibility to third party
  • Serves as a differentiator in a competitive job market

Benefits to Employers

  • Improves customer satisfaction Increases competence level of employees
  • Useful in making employment decisions
  • Provides professional development opportunities for employees
  • Ongoing enhancement of knowledge and skills Increases confidence in employee’s abilities
  • Demonstrates employer’s commitment to competence
  • Provides means to establish and enforce an ethical code


  • Get approved by filling the Pre-Qualification Request
  • Bachelor Degree in Business Administration or Equivalent.
  • Pass the Certification Exam with a minimum of 70%.

Module Covers:

    • Fundamentals of Business Consulting:
      • Consulting: What It’s All About
      • Consulting Business Building Blocks
      • Crunching the Numbers
      • Costs & Assumptions (Projection)
      • Setting up Fee Structure
      • Getting the Work Done
      • Identifying Sources of Work
      • Developing Contract and Statement Of Work
      • The Tough Stuff
      • Staying Current
      • Planning Your Consulting Business
    • Effective Reports Writing:
      • The stages of report writing
      • Phase One: Investigating
      • Phase Two: Planning
      • Phase Three: Writing
      • Phase Four: Revising
      • Using Headings, Charts, and Graphs
    • Essentials of Business Plans:
      • What is a Business Plan
      • The General Framework
      • Identifying Audience
      • Gathering Data
      • Analyzing Information
      • Defining Your Company
      • Creating Marketing Strategy
      • Designing Sales Plan
      • Financial Projections
    • Finance of Consultants:
      • Understanding Financial Identity
      • What is an Invoice, receipts, & SOA
      • Understanding Income Statements
      • Cash Flow Design & Analysis
      • Balance Sheets
      • Important Financial Ratios

Additional Benefits:

  • Get listed on our database as consultants
  • Get new projects upon availability
  • Sharing your biography on all our social media

Training Delivery

  • Learning: Approach in a seminar style.
  • Reading: Course materials are in English.
  • Language: Instruction will be in English/Arabic.
  • Duration: One month every Tuesday and Thursday – 3 hours per day 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Capacity: 6 to 10 participants only.
  • Time of Delivery of Batch: March 19,21,26,28 & April 2,4,9,11 – 2019
  • Location: Badaro

Payment Types Available

  • All Lebanese Credit Cards.
  • Cash.
  • Checks.

NB: Contact us fees and for corporate group rates.

Certification Body:

The Institute of Certified Business Consultants® USA & CANADA.

One of the Best professional body for business professionals with a growing global presence. The members of The Institute of Certified Business Consultants are employed in all sectors of the economy and make a significant contribution to the efficiency of any business.

The Institute represents business professionals who work in the business arena. Our focus has always been on professional values and high ethical standards, plus the opportunity for study and career advancement in the field of business consulting. We aim to promote and develop the profession to the public and to those people involved in business consulting guidance to their clients.


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NOTE: You must first Apply for Qualification – Registering will be temporary until your application is approved.  

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