Fundamentals of Forensic Accounting

Start Date:
May 13, 2017
Finish date:
May 13, 2017
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May 7, 2017
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About the course

Forensic accounting is the integration of accounting, auditing, and investigative skills to assist in legal matters, both civil and criminal, and reduce risks for businesses and organizations. Forensic accounting involves looking beyond the numbers to grasping the substance of situations. It’s more than accounting and more than detective work. It is the application of a specialized body of knowledge to economic transaction analysis and reporting.

Forensic Accounting offers you relevant professional skills and knowledge for this growing career area. You'll have the opportunity to acquire technical skills and practical knowledge in fraud investigation, law, and financial criminology. This course has been certified by the Institute of Financial Consultants U.S.A. ®.


This is a full day course having the below detailed outline and outcomes.


Course Outline:

Fundamental Forensic Knowledge, Professional Auditors and Accountants and Practice Management

  • • Registration and trainee self-introduction.
  • • What is fraud and forensic accounting?
  • • Forensic auditors and accountants responsibilities and practicing.

Fraud Prevention, Detection, and Response

  • • Fraud triangle, indicators and elements.
  • • Apply a proven methodology for the detection of financial statement misrepresentation.
  • • Employ generally accepted approaches to uncovering fraudulent transactions.

Financial Statement Misrepresentation

  • • Define the principles and procedures that may be employed to prevent fraud in the business environment.
  • • Recognize the nature and motivations for financial misrepresentation and types of fraudulent misstatements.
  • • Determine the elements of fraud risk assessment, identification, investigation, and corrective actions.
  • • Common fraud acts.
  • • Misappropriation method.
  • Examples and case studies will be discussed all over the training course.
  • • Evaluate case studies that give insight into the practical experience and application of financial statement misrepresentation and fraud abuses.

Who Should Attend?

  • • Internal auditors
  • • Independent auditors
  • • Business owners and managers
  • • Accountants and accounting managers
  • • Project managers
  • • Attorneys
  • • Anti-money laundering officers
  • • Risk managers
  • • Professionals who want to help deter fraud within their organizations
  • • Other anti-fraud professionals


Learning Outcomes

After completing this module, you would be able to gain:

  1. 1. Broad and fundamental knowledge of forensic accounting.
  2. 2. Exposure to various operating module of cases forensic accountants deal with.
  3. 3. Ability to comprehend the nature of case requirements and to develop a detailed project plan.
  4. 4. Skills to make meaningful contribution to a forensic accounting project.
  5. 5. Knowledge of the admissibility of evidence for the court of law.
  6. 6. Skills to compile report and present forensic accounting work to achieve project objectives.
  7. 7. Competitive advantage among new graduates in pursuing a forensic accountant position.

Investment Includes

  • • Workshop material
  • • Lunch and coffee breaks
  • • Certificate of attendance from Ongoing Concepts
  • • Optional:
    • a- Certificate of completion can be obtained from Institute of Financial Consultants U.S.A (Extra Charges Apply) 

About the trainer:

Mr. Alain Ghamika - Chief Financial Officer and Dubai Branch Manager at Edarat Group the leading company in Data Center Engineering and IT consultancies; Also working closely with several leading companies in the MENA region and provide them with a range of consultation on the development and implementation of Financial Strategy Development for creating and sustaining a high performing organization. Holder of a BS degree from Atlanta University in Finance and Business Economics, CMA Practitioner and Certified Financial Modeler. Having over 20 years of experience in Financial Management, Accounting and Internal Audit.

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